I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. - Albert Einstein
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We offer quality Workshop based Training which will help to unveil the huge potential of your own Business Blogs, let it be larger companies or small businesses which are looking to give their staff a better understanding of what a blog is and how it can be effectively utilized as a marketing and business communication tool.

The Blogging Workshop and Training sessions can be carried out in suitable places according to the requirements and constraints and sufficient number of people will be recommended to attend a single session to ensure the best results. Some of the main modules that we recommend are given below, but to ensure the best fit with your requirements, we always carry out a prior discussion with u so that we can advise of the most appropriate contents. Following this, we will send a recommended format for the classes in that day.

Call us to design a customized training program for your organization.

Training Workshop Modules:
  What is Blogging?
  Significance of Blogs
  Business Uses of Blogs
  Corporate Blogging
  Blogs for Internal Communications
  Marketing your Blog (online and blog specific methods)
  Marketing your Blog (focusing on Search Engine Optimization)
  Monitoring the Blogs and the Blogosphere
  Starting a Blog
  Writing your Blog and keeping momentum
  Training In Using Wordpress
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