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Why doesn’t anyone read your blog?: 5 Reasons

Boring Blogs

Now a daysm there are countless of awesome blogs are online. So, People need a reason to want to come to your blog. So if your blog has:

  • all text with no or few images
  • monotonous writing or academic sounding posts
  • a sitting-on-the-fence approach to a topic

Not Posting Often And Consistently

Everyday? Once a week? Once a month? No specific time? Well, if you are not posting often enough, your readers would eventually grow out of the habit of clicking on your blog URL. Even those frequent visitors who had been visiting your blogs previously, they would over time, forget about your blog too!

Too Many Advertisements

Ever been to those blogs that has tons of advertisements that shout at you? How did you feel? Having some advertisements is alright but crowding your blog with banners and links would turn off your readers.

Moreover, blogs with lots of advertisements usually take a long time to load, which I’m sure you know, is not good for SEO purposes.

Your Blog Design Leaves Much To Desire

I’ll be honest here. Blog design does play a crucial part in drawing new readers and persuading them to stay. Take a step back and review your bog design. How does it fare? You can also ask your readers whether they think you need a makeover. That’s an engaging post there!

Lack Of Exposure

On the other hand, you may have developed the best looking blog and publishing great posts every other day and yet still experience low readership and traffic. What could be wrong? Well, it takes more than design and good writing to draw readers. You need to market your blog. People need to know that it exists!

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