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Tipp Ex Campaign

The campaign : Tipp-Ex ( a brand of correction fluid) launched an original video ad campaign in a Youtube takeover. It showed what’s possible when you really explore new technologies, in an interactive video format. The
video allowed people to choose the narrative of the story, by completing the sentence ‘A hunter ______ a bear’. By typing an action such as ‘kisses’ you saw a brand new video with the action. If you typed in a command that hadn’t been produced, you saw a standard video that showed the bear on strike.

The numbers : Nearly 10 million video views

Why we love it : It showed the future of advertising, with control being handed over to the user to determine the outcome. It also offered a deep level of engagement with a brand, with everything happening within a strong branded channel that showed the product that was being advertised.

Find the video here:

Case studies, Social Media | Friday, November 12th, 2010 | By

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