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Useful Corporate Blogging Tips

Corporate blogging is like a modern art, different people might decipher it differently. You have to take care that what you want them to understand is understood. Take in the following tips and try implementing them in reality,

The aim of your blog is NOT self promotion. People just do not care about self promotions. Keep in mind that there would be people who wouldn’t even have heard about your company reading your blog.

When people come to your blog, make sure there is some useful takeaway for them. For example, if a spice company starts a blog, instead of telling about the brand alone, they could give out recipes. So, the blog would add value to the readers.

Be honest. In business blogs, it is very important to have a high level of honesty. Unlike advertisements, in blogs you speak to the readers directly like one to one. So, when people find that you are dishonest or exaggerating, they might develop an instant dislike. So, either be honest or safely avoid the dishonest contexts.

Your blog should be the bridge that customers think never exists, the bridge that connects the brand to the customer. A blog is generally a place where someone opens his mind and writes. It is like speaking intimate things to a friend. So obviously the friend would like to respond. So give the customers chance to speak out. Make sure there are a lot of discussions and interactions going on at your blog because that interests the audience to come back.

Use the current technology to your advantage. With the web 2.0 Icons linking you to social network, you have the opportunity to let customers develop a bond with your brand through socializing. Make sure that your blog can be followed through RSS feeds or some other technique so that people don’t miss out on what you got to say.

Something is better than nothing DOES NOT work out in corporate blogs. A poorly written blog is never acceptable. People take that a brand with a poor blog means a poor brand.

Make sure you reply to the feedbacks. People try only once to check whether you reply or not. Try to reply to every comment in your blog. Understand that the comments are the thoughts of real people out there in the market. It is the voice of the probable consumers. When you reply to them, they feel that the brand cares about them.

Make sure that your blog communicates what your brand wants to communicate. For example if you are an energy drinks brand make sure your blog is energetic. People must get the feel of your brand at your blog.

Speak to your target audience. In blogs you have the complete freedom of choosing topics such that the right target audience gets interested. Taking the previously discussed example, a spice brand’s blog could be targeted easily at moms just by adding some interesting recipes to your blog. So, plan about the topics you are going to blog on.

Take in Criticism. There is a high chance that some one might write negative about your brand in your blog. Never fear that. You have to reply to it in such a way that people who read your reply to the comment must feel positive about your brand and must develop a respect.

Make sure there is an editor allocated to your blog other than the blogger. This helps very much, as there are high chances of little grammatical and spelling mistakes arising in the blog.

Always make the blog visually appealing too. Make sure you add a couple of related pictu

res or videos to make the read more interesting.

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