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Interested in Live Blogging and Live Tweeting Mobile Advertising Conference?

If you are active on Social Media and are passionate about the Mobile market, this could be an opportunity that would interest you.

We are looking for live bloggers and live tweeters to cover the 2nd Mobile Ad Conference in Mumbai on April 7th.

Since this is a Mumbai based event, would be easier if you live in Mumbai.

Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to.

1) You will be given the official blogger/tweeter status.

2) You, ofcourse, get a free entry to the event.  You save some decent money.

3) By having the official status, you get an easier access to the speakers and key dignitaries.  Better Schmoozing.

4) We will publish your profile, photo, link to your blog & Twitter account on the blog.

Here’s what is required of you.

1) We’d request you to have  a laptop with a datacard.   There would be Wi-Fi at the 5-star hotel but we have often had trouble with it. Best to have a data-card as backup.

2) You will be part of a very active team who will be live blogging and live tweeting the event.  We will split various responsibilities between us and take on the task.  Attention to details and ability to capture the key essence of what the speaker is saying is important.

Its fun working together as a team.

3) We will give you access to the official blog and office Twitter account of IAMAI. In addition to writing on the official accounts, you are welcome to blog on your personal blogs and twitter as well.

We are the official Social Media Partners for IAMAI and we constantly look out for interesting people to join the live blogging team. A kickarse team did a pretty good coverage at the National Security & Digital Technology Conference in Delhi.

If you enjoyed yourself doing a good job,  you stand a good chance of coming in more often to such events.

Sounds interesting? Do send an email to Kiruba[@] or call 09841597744.  While emailing, do send across links to your blog, twitter and Linkedin profile.  Look foward.

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