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Keynotes from Anand Sudarshan’s talk

Anand Sudarshan, CEO, Manipal Universal Learning, shared his detailed insights of the education industry and the need for strong technology adoption. Here are the excerpts:

Manipal Universal is keen in using technology as an enabler for Transformation: We have about 220000 students today and we would be serving over 500000 students by 2013. Opportunities in developing markets is huge and technology will play a pivotal role in designing and implementing learning strategies that cover the complete value chain.

Nations which have invested in education are the one who have economically succeeded. Both education and economy are hand in glove. Manipal is expanding internationally. To us technology is core and fundamental. We are working hard to ensure that it is incorporated into our corporate DNA. It is easy to say but tough to implement as people will have to adapt…

We look at Technology in three vectors:
1st vector- front facing vector- use of technology results in better learning and teaching.

2nd is building framework of scaffolding- manage the whole quality of delivering high quality education system. Scale and sustainability has to go together. Hence the second part is equally important for us.

We have 3 modes of deliveries- on campuses, distance education and more practice oriented vocational courses.
Technology can play crucial role in all. There is a cultural diversity as we operate in multiple countries and geographies. We also have govt and community besides students and faculty.Context that exists in each of these are different. and this context has to be understood.

3rd is the scale and complexity of each of these. Quality is not fixed one, it has to move up contextually. Need keeps changing. Teaching computer science today is much different compared to what it was 5 yrs ago. When in the business of delivering outstanding academics, we need to look 4-5 years beyond… for that the foundation needs to be laid and technology alone can help.

As an education service provider, we have an accountability to our key stake holders- the students. One role we play is the academic, second : that of a service provider. We need to ensure that every student who graduates is first an empowered and equipped learner and second, accountable learner.

Manipal is a sub urb of Udupi, district headquarter of Udupi dist, Karnataka. Manipal was a barren land a few decades ago but now houses wide range of Academic institutions- Manipal Institute of Technology, Kasturba Medical College (popularly known as Manipal Hospital), Shirdi Sai Baba Cancer Institute, Manipal Institute of Communication and many more…

More about Manipal Universal can be found at Also be sure to watch this beautiful video of Manipal University… My all time favorite.

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SAP ties up with Wipro to offer SAP as SaaS

News Just in from SME Legend 2010, SAP Talkshow at Taj West End, Bangalore..

SAP has tied up with Software Major Wipro to offer SAP as a SaaS (Software as a Service), so that small companies can avail SAP services on a monthly rental basis.

One of the biggest hurdles companies face when decide to adopt SAP is the price. Most of the SMEs may not be able to afford the same. However, with SAP services now available as SaaS, small and medium enterprises can adopt SAP for a very less amount, a nominal monthly fee.

This would be an additional licensing and delivery option for SAP Business All in One Solutions, which is achieved through a subscription based hosted delivery model.

Bringing you the news first, ahead of any news channel or website, live as it is being announced by Debdeep Sengupta, VP, SME & Channels, SAP India…

Debdeep hosted a talkshow wherein he interacted with couple of key customers who had adopted SAP aggressively. SAP Business By Design concept was also demoed during the event.
Will update this post with more details by evening…

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SME Legend 2010, SAP Talkshow, Bangalore

SAP AG will be hosting a SAP Talkshow to highlight SAP’s SME capabilities.

The theme for the chat show is “Scalable and Transparent SMEs of Tomorrow”. SAP customers will talk about and how the right business insights can boost profitability, agility and customer-centricity to enable SMEs to compete in today’s fast-paced and volatile economic environment. This is also the perfect opportunity for one to hear more about SAP’s charter for the Indian SME in 2010.

The SME Legend 2010 – SAP Talk Show which will take place on April 12th, 2010 from 11:45 onwards at the Taj Westend hotel, Bangalore.

The talk show will be hosted by Deb Deep Sengupta, Vice President, SME & Channels, SAP India. Speakers include: Luis Murguia, Senior Vice President SME EMEA, SAP and our select group of esteemed customers.

Entry for the event is by invitation only.

Shrinidhi Hande from BusinessBlogging will be attending the event and would provide live coverage for the event on BusinessBlogging website…

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates

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