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Pledge against Child Sexual

Child Sexual Abuse is a Crime. We often believe that sexual abuse of children cannot occur in our homes. The harsh reality is otherwise. It is a fact that victims can be a boy or a girl, rich or poor, educated or illiterate.

The abuser is often someone known – a relative, friend, teacher, or even a parent. The refusal to acknowledge the possibility of abuse taking place is the root cause of child sexual abuse being inadequately addressed and tackled in India.

Having said that, we may not be able to change the scenario overnight, but each one of us can certainly do a little. Each one of us can pledge what at our individual level, we will not get involved in Child Sexual Abuse. Tiny drops can make mighty ocean and a million pledges CAN make a difference.

Requesting each one of you to visit and make a pledge against Child Sexual Abuse… Every pledge counts. The website also has host of information about Child Sexual Abuse.

You can also help the cause by keeping the msg “I’ve pledged against Child Sexual Abuse at, have you?” as your gtalk status

The initiative is being taken as a part of Sandhosh Kumar’s mission Everest, who is currently climbing Mount Everest to support the cause of Child Sexual Abuse.

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