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Unconference by Kiruba Shankar at IAMAI MAD Meet

Kiruba Shankar, CEO of Business Blogging and famous Blogger from Chennai, kick started the post lunch session

Kiruba’s un- conference, started with some exercise, as the session was right after the lunch break

No, there were not playing the train, this was Kiruba’s un-conference session

Once the participants were charged up, he asked everyone to share one app that they want when 3G is introduced

Participants came up suggestions of some really strange apps they need. This session was a highly interactive one.

Kiruba has also published a book on unconferences

Events, IAMAI, Social Media | Friday, November 26th, 2010 | Comment | By
The Business of Blogging

Kiruba Shankar, CEO of Business Blogging was  featured in The Hindu Metroplus Weekend dated Nov 12.

“He infused fun into conferences. He encouraged people to think fresh. He proved play can be combined with work. Kiruba Shankar has shown his countrymen new ways of ideating, sharing knowledge and conducting business.

About five years ago, he was an employee in the dotcom industry. His own boss now, he runs a web development company and another that provides organisations with “ideas that can make all the difference”.

Please read the complete article here

Media, News | Friday, November 12th, 2010 | Comment | By
Kiruba Shankar quoted in Deccan Chronicle

“The intensive use of technology is like running on a treadmill. You can never stop.”, says Kiruba Shankar, CEO of Business Blogging.

Please read the full article here

Media | Monday, November 1st, 2010 | Comment | By
Times of India features Kiruba Shankar featured in their local supplement (Ashok Nagar Times)

One of India’s first few and most reputed Blogger and Business blogging CEO Mr. Kiruba Shankar was featured in an article Titled “From the blogosphere” in the  local supplement  of Times Of India – “My  times Ashok Nagar” dated July 10, 2010

The article Talks about Kiruba shannkar’s passion towards blogging and how he changed his passion to his career. “I have absolutely no regrets about the decisions I have taken with respect my career. I thoroughly enjoy my life.” he says

Speaking about the location of the office, Kiruba say that setting up main office in virugambakkam happened to be one of his best decisions of his life. He adds, “I had a the choice of setting up in the Conventional IT parks but then my wife Sujani Kiruba, helped me a great deal in zeroing into this place.”

Mr. Kiruba Shankar also spearheaded several key events such as Cerebrate,, TEDxChennai, Facebook Developer Garage

Looking at the future of Social media Kiruba is very optimistic and says “I am extremely bullish about social media and Chennai as well. Nowadays smaller firms are benefiting from social media. There is an entrepreneurship spirit around and its really great to see that some of the ideas are becoming big hits”

About The Company:
BusinessBlogging Pvt Ltd, a reputed social media Consulting Company, headed by Mr. Kiruba Shankar BusinessBlogging Pvt Ltd, Chennai’s leading new media consulting company that specializes in Corporate Blogging, Social Media strategy, Online campaigns, Events and more.

Media | Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 | Comment | By
Kiruba highlights interesting small brands that use Social Media at Ad Club

You thought only big brands can use social media? Well you needn’t be born with silver spoon in mouth to utilize social media. Social media is something like poor man’s apple. Anyone and everyone can partake in its beauty. Here is an interesting case of a taxi driver Devesh Mishra using social media. Devesh is from Banaras and he utilizes the power of you tube to leverage his business. While his fellow  taxi drivers stand in front of airports, railway stations to lure customers, Devesh uploaded his elevator pitch on Youtube for foreign and Indian users to see. So when customers, who usually are internet savvy geeks, land up they first look for Devesh or sometimes they already would have pre booked with him.  This helps Devesh to manage his time schedule appropriately and ensure that business is met everyday.

There is yet another interesting story coming from our very own ‘Namma Chennai’. Samson is an auto driver who owns his own personal website. You can find him outside Taj Coromandel Hotel. His website is Samson again makes his elevator pitch talking about the places where he can show, his safety measures, testimonials etc. He also provides additional details such as exciting shopping places in the city, places to eat and drink. He also engages the users by posting exciting photos of customers and friends online. Now what is your excuse for shunning social media??

Events, General, Social Media | Friday, October 22nd, 2010 | Comment | By
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