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Why should CEOs blog?

Should I, as a CEO, blog for my company? What is the advantage by doing that? What are the negatives that could come out of it? – These are the most frequently thought over questions by CEOs before making their decision. We will try to answer these questions for you.

Whether to blog or not is of course a personal decision, but there are a few factors that you could consider before taking the decision.

People are very interested in hearing what a CEO of a company has to say. So, from the company’s side the corporate blog gets much more readership when the CEO blogs. Also, people would be very interested to post comments and feedbacks on the blog. If they get a reply to their comments, it boosts the people’s trust towards the company. They start to think ‘Here is a company that really cares about what we feel! Great!’

But mind, there would be little time for you to spend on blogging. So, the update frequency of the blog would not be constant. So, the people reading your blog would not know when to come back to check a new blog. If they get disappointed with the update frequency, there is a high chance they might abandon the blog. So, If you think, as a CEO you have little time to blog and you can’t come up with regular posts, It is better not to enter into blogging. Do not even consider a Ghost Writer.

It is always better to consider both sides of the coin, so we must discuss the negatives that could come out the blog. What you say in the blog is as powerful as what you say in a media interview. There is a high chance that your competitor is following your blog. So, take care as to what you put in your blog. Someone might post awkward comment or question in your comments section. If handled carefully it adds as a big positive opinion boost to your company. But, suppose if the comment/question is ignored or mishandled, it could create a negative impact.

On the whole, with a little care, if you could blog regularly, just go ahead, it could prove out to be a big success.

Here are some good CEO blogs worth having a look at-

Jonathan Schwartz (President & CEO, Sun Microsystems)
Craig Newmark (CEO, Craig’s List)
Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks)
Ross Mayfield (CEO, Socialtext)
Matt Blumberg (CEO, Return Path)
Alan Meckler (CEO, Jupiter Media)
Robin Hopper (CEO, Founder – iUpload)
Jason Calacanis (CEO, Weblogs)
Bill Marriott, “On the Move” — (CEO, Marriott International)

Michael Hyatt, “From Where I Sit” — (CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Richard Edelman — (CEO, Edelman)

Paul Levy, “Running a Hospital — (CEO, Deaconess Beth Israel Hospital)

Nick Jacobs — (CEO, Windber Medical Center)

Bob Parsons, “Hot Points” — (CEO,

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