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Florent Frere’s talk at the Chennai Facebook Garage

Florent Frere, French Project Manager at KRDS Software Development Pvt Ltd. spoke at the second edition of the Facebook Developer Garage, Chennai on 19th September 2010.

KRDS is a development company in social media and a leader in France in Facebook Marketing. Mr. Frere is in-charge of developing new marketing campaigns for european companies at KRDS. At the Garage, he spoke on the how facebook is changing the way we interact with brands and how marketing communications can be targeted effectively through Facebook.

For all those who missed being at the Garage, here is the video of his talk:

You can also find his Powerpoint presentation here.

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Notes from FB Dev Garage 2nd Edition

Here’re a few key points from 2nd edition of Facebook developer Garage

* On being asked by a user “How does Php6 going to help developers?” David Recordon said “I know nothing much about php6″
* For the question: “Why can’t we add adsense kind of code into our facebook page and monetize it”, David Recordon said facebook is exploring multiple advertising/revenue sharing models and details should be out soon.
* For the question, when is facebook places coming to India, David said he has no idea…
* David said they planned to kill the term “Facebook Connect” and call it signin with facebook, but felt this is sounding like a bad idea as facebook Connect was a well established term.

read the complete post

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FBDG Edition 3: RSVP on linkedin Events

We’re on linked in Events… If Linkedin happens to be your more preferred place, you can RSVP here

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Podcast with David Recordon

Kiruba Shankar, CEO, Business Blogging had a quick chat with David Recordon who heads Open Source at Facebook, San Francisco along the sidelines of the Facebook Developer Garage, Chennai.

Listen to David talk about the OpenID experience, the way forward and the super-proud moment of his life.

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Next Edition of Facebook Dev Garage on Dec19, 2010

As you’re aware, inspired by the success of second edition of Facebook Developer Garage, Chennai, the Facebook team and organizers have decided to hold the event once in every 3 months.

An impromptu decision was taken during the event to hold the next edition of Facebook Developer Garage, Chennai on 19th December, 2010, at Tidel Park, Chennai.

Refer for details and registration

There will be a token registration fee of Rs 100, this is to ensure that only serious people attend and will probably cover the snacks expense at the event.

If you’re a facebook developer, do register now, as the seats are limited.

You’re also welcome to suggest speakers whom you think we should invite. Submit your entries here

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