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Google Phone vs Apple iPhone

Kiruba Shankar, in this weekly column in Financial Express, writes about Google Android vs iPhone…

The first time I heard that Google was coming out with a phone, I thought it was a well laid-out prank. After all, Google is notorious for fooling people. Very soon, many reliable news outlets on the Web started to talk about it and the first pictures confirmed that it indeed was real.

I had the first real look at the phone during TED Active in February 2010 when Google decided to give a free phone to every participant. Not to mention, I was overjoyed. This was my first real smartphone. I owned a Nokia N82 and a Blackberry, but I really won’t put them in the smartphone category.

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Kiruba’s review of Amazon Kindle

In his weekly column at Financial Express, Kiruba writes about his experience on using Amazon Kindle…

It’s been over three months that I’ve been living with an Amazon Kindle. For those of you contemplating investing in an Amazon Kindle, this review would come in mighty handy.

Amazon was one who practically created a market for eBook readers when they launched Kindle, very successfully way back in 2007. The first model was clunky but the technology was path breaking. The success of Kindle spawned an entire generation of rival products. In keeping with competition, the Kindle2 is a far improved product.

The biggest advantage for ebooks like Kindle is that they use the E-Ink technology that closely mimics the printed paper. You are almost tempted to touch the screen and feel the roughness of the paper!

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Promoted tweets-Kiruba’s column in Financial Express

Kiruba Shankar will be writing Regular columns for Financial Express.

Excerpts from his latest article:

When Twitter made announcement of its Promoted Tweets concept, it had a semblance of a revenue model. Its earlier revenue model was based on selling its content to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! to display real-time search results. Thankfully, Twitter stayed away from plain vanilla banner advertising or installing Google Adwords.

Now, let us get back to Promoted Tweets. What is it? It’s a new advertising programme that will show contextually-relevant tweets based on the search keywords in Twitter’s search page. Twitter will test run this new advertising programme in its search page and based on the response, will move this to user’s regular tweet streams. As an extension, it will also start syndicating Promoted Tweets to Twitter clients like TweetDeck, Twhirl and TwitterBerry.

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Kiruba Shankar to write column for Financial Express

News: BusinessBlogging CEO Kiruba Shankar will be writing weekly column for The Financial Express…

The first article was dispatched yesterday and is expected to get published this week. The articles would give insights into better use of social media…

Keep watching this space for more details

Business Tips, News, Social Media | Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 | Comment | By
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