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Kiruba Shankar Reviews Canon 500D DSLR for Financial Express

If you are an aspiring photographer with an idea to buy a ideal DSLR camera that suits your budget, then this is for you. Just take a look at Canon 550D.The 550D is surely a newcomer’s dream with amazing capabilities and features.

Catch up the review of Canon 550D by Kiruba Shankar, one of the top Blogger of India. Kiruba is the CEO of Business Blogging (Social Media consultancy based in Chennai). He is also a Podcaster and Columnist in various dailies.

Canon 550D

When you begin to admire photos from a certain camera, there’s a good chance that you’ll soon fall in love with it. My friend’s Canon 500D produced consistently great pictures and it has already earned my respect. When I had a chance to review a DSLR, I had no hesitating in picking up its bigger cousin, the 550D.

The entry level DSLR market is not only crowded but very fiercely fought over for a market share. The camera companies are competing amongst themselves in packaging in more and more features so much so that this year’s entry level cameras have higher features than last year’s mid-range models. But hey, no one’s complaining!


And to tell you a secret, we at Business Blogging also enjoyed reviewing the camera while it was in office…

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