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Google+ Pages Now Active for Business, Brands and More

Google has always been a strong pillar for business developments across the world. This has extended to the Google+ social media where it is feasible to make your business visible to all the users. Google+ has recently created a platform for enhancing the visibility of businesses to people. This is about the Google+ pages for business. Similar to personal account, Google+ allows creating business account where one can talk about business, brand, places or whatsoever related to their business activity.

The feature of Google+ pages for companies is a step towards enhancing the networking capabilities through a social media. Business owner can establish direct contact with the customers by making use of Google+ pages for brands. Not only that, it has employed better marketing strategies where it not only ensures administration support but also adds into its directory. Whenever user looks out for information related to your company, the appropriate businesses are displayed in the search results. The option of Google+ pages for products looks perfectly fine for marketing your products, direct links to the sites and direct connection with customers.

The attempt of Google+ social media towards creating an environment for business owners is indeed a boon to them. It serves like yet another regular account with certain added advantages. The Google+ pages eliminate the need for additional resources for marketing and supply chain. Start activating your business account and enjoy the benefits of it

Google+ for Business

Social Media | Thursday, November 24th, 2011 | Comment | By
What social media experts can do to help you

Here’re a few ways how  a social media expert can help your company:

  • Train you and your staff on social media concepts, technologies and best practices
  • Advise what strategy or approach might work for your business or stated objectives
  • Provide you with tools, technology (such as analytics, facebook app etc) related to social media to achieve above objectives
  • Execute certain resource intensive tasks on your behalf- such as generate good content for your blog, do link building for SEO purposes
  • Manage some social media based events on your behalf (like a twitter contests)

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Social Media | Sunday, May 29th, 2011 | Comment | By
Social media professionals payscale – India

Here’s a nice study conducted by Digiwhirl about payscales of Social Media professionals

Social Media | Saturday, May 28th, 2011 | Comment | By
Podcast with Badri Sheshadri, CricInfo
Media, Social Media | Saturday, March 26th, 2011 | Comment | By
Interesting posts at Dominos Blogizza

If you haven’t read them yet, do take a moment to read these 2 interesting posts published in Domino’s India Official Blog, powered by BusinessBlogging

Girls Night out


Its a giant Pizza (Cricket Special)

Social Media | Saturday, March 26th, 2011 | Comment | By
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