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Setting the Context: DebDeep Sengupta, VP, SAP India

DebDeep Sengupta, VP, SME and Channels, SAP Indian Subcontinent, set the context for today’s talk show.

SAP has been working with SMEs (Small and Midsizes Enterprises) 2006 onwards. SAP has more than 70,500 SME clients worldwide, representing over 77% of its global customer base, with operations across more than 25 industries. There is a general perception that SAP is ONLY for big companies, which isn’t true. Over past one year, we’ve acquired about 1000 customers, most of them are SMEs. This percentage continues to grow as the company attracts around 35 new customers every working day and its SME base has tippled over past 3 years.

SAP India serves more than 3300 SME customers. Instead of a regular speech and presentations, which tend to be boring, we have decided to make it more interactive, by inviting some of our prominent customers and having an interactive session with the panel and audience, to make it much more lively… Debdeep said.

From SAP Talkshow-SME legend 2010

The Panel includes Luis Murguia, Senior Vice President, SME, SAP EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa & India), Anand Sudarshan, Manipal Universal Learning, Anup Guha, CFO, Greaves Cotton Ltd and Mr Sandeep Ranjan, Founder and CEO, Prognosys e-service Pvt Ltd

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