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Sandhosh Kumar- Climbing everest for a cause

Its easier talking than doing. How many of us really take initiatives to show our concern or help some causes we feel worried about? Here is a young man who didn’t stop with his feeling for the cause but has plunged into an action to support the cause.

As I write this post, Sadhosh Kumar has already set out on his journey towards the Everest. Yesterday he was at Namche Bazaar, 3460m above mean sea level, a famous spot enroute Everest Base Camp. We’ll give more updates on his climb on a regular basis.

Sandhosh Kumar hails from South India who graduated and worked in Singapore as an Investment Banker and realized his deep passion for climbing mountains. Sandhosh Kumar is a guy who has always been an adrenalin chaser and he developed a fascination for snow-capped mountains over the last few years and that’s how he wanted to change his passion to reach out a good cause. Sandhosh Kumar says as he climbs more, he realized that the chase for personal quest alone wasn’t enough. There are many problems in this world and he wanted his climbs to mean more to him and the world. Hence, he embarked on a journey to highlight the problem closest to his heart, the problem of child sexual abuse, which is highly prevalent in India, while he attempted to scale the highest mountain in the world.

sandhosh Kumar

To mention few of his earlier achievements he climbed some of the highest peaks in the world- Cho Oyu (8201m), Mont Blanc in Western Europe (4810m), Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (5895m) and Everest Base Camp. Sandhosh Kumar is all set to take off for an ambitious mission of climbing Mount Everest, besides climbing Everest he is actively supporting the cause of Child Sexual Abuse through pursuing his passion for climbing mountains. He has come up with a novel plan to raise funds — for the expedition as well as to help the organizations in raising funds. He has been meeting with corporates and individuals through a campaign titled “ClimbEverestWithMe” to substitute his expedition cost and raise funds for child sexual abuse.

Please check the video below where Sandhosh Kumar is interviewed about his mission and passion by Shrinidhi Hande Sandhosh Kumar was one of the participants in the prestigious achievers gang-up “Cerebrate

Here’s how you can keep up with Sandhosh’s progress as he climbs world’s highest peak.

1. Spread the word to as many people as possible. Update your status on Facebook with a message along the lines of ‘My friend is climbing Mount Everest in aid of prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.Please support him by contributing on his website at

2. Follow Sandhosh Kumar’s progress in and keep him motivated. Hoping that he will send some live updates from the mountain including pictures of the banner at various points.

3.P.S. Check out the Media coverage of Climb Everest With Me in Singapore and India.

Here’re some latest photos sent by Sandhosh. Team BusinessBlogging is proud to be associated with him and wishes Sandhosh and his team all the very best for his expedition.
Leave a comment below to express your support and wishes.

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