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Pinterest Reach Unparalleled – Learn How

Social media marketing is a tool opted for more than a single purpose these days. The reach and reaction of social media marketing is so vast that it cannot just be restricted to a specific zone. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing social media is that its reach and impact can be tracked.

Social media gives an individual a complete control over his activities as compared to using direct mailings or print magazine advertisements. This way, the individual will able to assess his potential customers. The core reason why social media has been such a revelation is the fact that instantaneous responses and critical analyzation can be made paving the way for any further suitable alterations to your pre-decided task on the go.

One such social networking site that has made ‘heels turn around’ is Pinterest. It has managed to establish a presence on the social media platform in a relatively short span of time. This can mainly be attributed to its successful measurement plan.

Many in the social media industry are still in awe over the phenomenal rise of Pinterest in such a short time. Based on opinions from industry sources, the success for the site can be attributed to 7 major reasons:

1. Pin, Repin and Repeat

The ‘Pin and Repin’ option enables an individual to show off their work in an orderly and presentable manner. The individual can pin photos pertaining to his/her vision. Based on the number of followers and repins, success of the person’s effort can be tracked and measured.

2. Tracking of Pinterest Analytics

Another major reason for the success of Pinterest is that it doesn’t give too much work to handle. You need not worry about too many features to work on as besides your typical following, pinning, comments, etc. however, once an innovation tastes success, it always has updates following it. Similarly, a few third-party got associated with Pinterest. PinReach is one such feature – it allows you to measure trending pins with percentages and assigns scores to accounts. Another update that lets you to mass-follow, unfollow, schedule pins, and view stats is Pinerly.

3. Google Analytics – The Best

Pinterest’s success was and is successfully being monitored through Google Analytics. It helps keep track of the steady and fixed flow of visitors and conversions.

4. Much to Look Ahead in the Future

Though relatively new in the social media, Pinterest has fast catered to its users’ satisfactions and its future looks quite bright. This only spells good news for people who are planning on starting up something new using social media as a supportive tool to bolster their initiative.

5. Fans Pinning?

Fan engagement in Pinterest is generally done by number of repins, likes and, most importantly, original Pins! Simple logic to be understood here is that people will appreciate and share anything that is easy and creative. Fans choose to vote on new designs through Pinterest.

However, it is found to be that when fans create content themselves by merging a photo with a product, it gains an upper value.

6. Choosing the Right Tools

Opting for the right tools will allow your product to reach the masses faster. Pinterest allows its users to do just that. Content can be promoted and boards can be created around subjects for readers such as for example- ‘Favorite Designs’. This type of subject may not be extensively covered on the site, but the right tools shall allow you to fulfill your purpose.

7. Traffic and Brand-building

A major reason why Pinterest has managed to drive in huge traffic to their site is because they cater to the tastes of their target audience. In Pinterest’s case, the target audience here is the women. By speaking on the products pertaining to their interests, considerable traffic has developed resulting in enormous brand-building.

What is your take on Pinterest’s success?

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