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Social Media jobs-business blogging is now hiring

2010 will be an ambitious year for us at Business Blogging. We’ve plans to expand in terms of geography as well as service offerings. To achieve this, a key investment will be in people. We’re looking for social media enthusiasts who believe in the power of web2.0. If you enjoy working on social media, businessblogging is the place to be.

A day at Businessblogging is always fun. We keep meeting interesting people, take part in wide range of events, do innovative research and social media strategies, travel around and continuously focus on R&D in the space of social media. Our CEO, Kiruba Shankar, is an inspiration by himself and he ensures that all concerns are taken care of. Its no more work, when you enjoy what you do.

Below are some of our immediate openings. Reach us if you think one of these openings has your name on it. Please spread the world among your friends.

Graphics Designers:
Creative people with 1-2 years experience in Graphics design using photoshop and other tools. Knowledge of basic animation/flash will be added advantage.

Research Analysts:
Candidates with journalism/engineering or MBA background who are passionate about Social Media are welcome to join us as Research Analysts. As a research analyst you’ll work on innovative social media strategies and their implementations, under the guidance of some of the best Social Media evangelists. Freshers are also welcome.

Content Developers:
If you enjoy writing, have a command over English and understand basics of Social Media, join us.

Part Time Jobs/ Freelancers:
If you wish to pursue your passion in social media, but not in a position to take it up full time, feel free to reach us, we can explore possibilities how we can work together.

Php Developer:
1-2 years experience in php based website and application development, coupled with strong open source skills are critical. Candidate will have to coordinate with multiple teams to build world class web solutions.

Asst Manager, Events:
Energetic individuals passionate about event management, should have excellent personality,ability to coordinate with multiple teams. Past experience in an event management company or experience organizing college level events are strongly desired.

How to apply?
Mail your resume to
Alternatively, you may reach our CEO, Kiruba Shankar, directly on twitter or facebook

News | Friday, April 2nd, 2010 | Comment | By
Business Blogging is official Social Media partner for IAMAI

Business Blogging is proud to be associated with Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) as Official Social Media Partner.

The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is a not-for-profit industry body registered under the Societies Act, 1896. Its mandate is to expand and enhance the online and mobile value added services sectors. It is dedicated to presenting a unified voice of the businesses it represents to the government, investors, consumers and other stakeholders. The association addresses the issues, concerns and challenges of the Internet and Mobile economy and takes a leading role in its development.

The association’s activities include promoting the inherent strengths of the digital economy, evaluating and recommending standards and practices to the industry, conducting research, creating platforms for its members, communicating on behalf of the industry and creating a favorable business environment for the industry.

Founded in January 2004 by leading portals in India, IAMAI is the only specialized industry body in India representing the interests of online and mobile value added services industry.

IAMAI regularly conducts various conferences, workshops and roundtable events on key issues concerning the telecommunications industry and users. As the official social media partners for IAMAI, Business Blogging will be bringing following value additions to  IAMAI’s activities.

  • Live Blog the event
  • Live tweet the event
  • Manage Event Website
  • Create Podcasts, interview with speakers,
  • Facilitate Q&A from audience who may not be physically present at the venue
  • Do pre event and post event promotions on social media for IAMAI
  • And much more

The recent most IAMAI event which we covered extensively was National Security & Digital Technology Conference in New Delhi. Check the event coverage here and photos here.

The next event will be The Mobile Ad Conference, hosted at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai, on 7th of April. Catch us there for all the action or stay tuned to IAMAI blog to catch the live blogging updates.

Events, Social Media | Thursday, April 1st, 2010 | Comment | By
Why should CEOs blog?

Should I, as a CEO, blog for my company? What is the advantage by doing that? What are the negatives that could come out of it? – These are the most frequently thought over questions by CEOs before making their decision. We will try to answer these questions for you.

Whether to blog or not is of course a personal decision, but there are a few factors that you could consider before taking the decision.

People are very interested in hearing what a CEO of a company has to say. So, from the company’s side the corporate blog gets much more readership when the CEO blogs. Also, people would be very interested to post comments and feedbacks on the blog. If they get a reply to their comments, it boosts the people’s trust towards the company. They start to think ‘Here is a company that really cares about what we feel! Great!’

But mind, there would be little time for you to spend on blogging. So, the update frequency of the blog would not be constant. So, the people reading your blog would not know when to come back to check a new blog. If they get disappointed with the update frequency, there is a high chance they might abandon the blog. So, If you think, as a CEO you have little time to blog and you can’t come up with regular posts, It is better not to enter into blogging. Do not even consider a Ghost Writer.

It is always better to consider both sides of the coin, so we must discuss the negatives that could come out the blog. What you say in the blog is as powerful as what you say in a media interview. There is a high chance that your competitor is following your blog. So, take care as to what you put in your blog. Someone might post awkward comment or question in your comments section. If handled carefully it adds as a big positive opinion boost to your company. But, suppose if the comment/question is ignored or mishandled, it could create a negative impact.

On the whole, with a little care, if you could blog regularly, just go ahead, it could prove out to be a big success.

Here are some good CEO blogs worth having a look at-

Jonathan Schwartz (President & CEO, Sun Microsystems)
Craig Newmark (CEO, Craig’s List)
Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks)
Ross Mayfield (CEO, Socialtext)
Matt Blumberg (CEO, Return Path)
Alan Meckler (CEO, Jupiter Media)
Robin Hopper (CEO, Founder – iUpload)
Jason Calacanis (CEO, Weblogs)
Bill Marriott, “On the Move” — (CEO, Marriott International)

Michael Hyatt, “From Where I Sit” — (CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Richard Edelman — (CEO, Edelman)

Paul Levy, “Running a Hospital — (CEO, Deaconess Beth Israel Hospital)

Nick Jacobs — (CEO, Windber Medical Center)

Bob Parsons, “Hot Points” — (CEO,

Read the rest of this entry »

Business Tips, Social Media | Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 | Comment | By
Useful Corporate Blogging Tips

Corporate blogging is like a modern art, different people might decipher it differently. You have to take care that what you want them to understand is understood. Take in the following tips and try implementing them in reality,

The aim of your blog is NOT self promotion. People just do not care about self promotions. Keep in mind that there would be people who wouldn’t even have heard about your company reading your blog.

When people come to your blog, make sure there is some useful takeaway for them. For example, if a spice company starts a blog, instead of telling about the brand alone, they could give out recipes. So, the blog would add value to the readers.

Be honest. In business blogs, it is very important to have a high level of honesty. Unlike advertisements, in blogs you speak to the readers directly like one to one. So, when people find that you are dishonest or exaggerating, they might develop an instant dislike. So, either be honest or safely avoid the dishonest contexts.

Your blog should be the bridge that customers think never exists, the bridge that connects the brand to the customer. A blog is generally a place where someone opens his mind and writes. It is like speaking intimate things to a friend. So obviously the friend would like to respond. So give the customers chance to speak out. Make sure there are a lot of discussions and interactions going on at your blog because that interests the audience to come back.

Use the current technology to your advantage. With the web 2.0 Icons linking you to social network, you have the opportunity to let customers develop a bond with your brand through socializing. Make sure that your blog can be followed through RSS feeds or some other technique so that people don’t miss out on what you got to say.

Something is better than nothing DOES NOT work out in corporate blogs. A poorly written blog is never acceptable. People take that a brand with a poor blog means a poor brand.

Make sure you reply to the feedbacks. People try only once to check whether you reply or not. Try to reply to every comment in your blog. Understand that the comments are the thoughts of real people out there in the market. It is the voice of the probable consumers. When you reply to them, they feel that the brand cares about them.

Make sure that your blog communicates what your brand wants to communicate. For example if you are an energy drinks brand make sure your blog is energetic. People must get the feel of your brand at your blog.

Speak to your target audience. In blogs you have the complete freedom of choosing topics such that the right target audience gets interested. Taking the previously discussed example, a spice brand’s blog could be targeted easily at moms just by adding some interesting recipes to your blog. So, plan about the topics you are going to blog on.

Take in Criticism. There is a high chance that some one might write negative about your brand in your blog. Never fear that. You have to reply to it in such a way that people who read your reply to the comment must feel positive about your brand and must develop a respect.

Make sure there is an editor allocated to your blog other than the blogger. This helps very much, as there are high chances of little grammatical and spelling mistakes arising in the blog.

Always make the blog visually appealing too. Make sure you add a couple of related pictu

res or videos to make the read more interesting.

We would like to thank and credit the following pages for providing basic content for our blog to develop:

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Working on Social Media Syllabi

A project that we are very excited about is a comprehensive social media syllabi for UK universities.  We have been commissioned to come up with a full fledged plan.

I’ve been teaching Social Media in various forms for over 6 years now. I remember back in 2003 when we set out to define the syllabi for the Dept of Media Studies at Anna University in Chennai. We’ve come a long way since then. Social Media has grown by leaps and bounds.  Just when you thought you have nailed the final draft, there’s a new area that would have cropped up.

We’ve closely collaborated with leading practitioners in Social Media and with departments in leading universities.   The new syllabi will be formally accredited in 3 months time.

Teaching | Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 | Comment | By
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