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Orange singing tweetagrams

Orange, a mobile service provider has created Singing Tweetagrams campaign. Twitter users are invited to tweet messages for friends using #singingtweetagrams. But will it match the pace set by Old spice’s campaign?

News, Social Media | Monday, October 25th, 2010 | Comment | By
Kiruba highlights interesting small brands that use Social Media at Ad Club

You thought only big brands can use social media? Well you needn’t be born with silver spoon in mouth to utilize social media. Social media is something like poor man’s apple. Anyone and everyone can partake in its beauty. Here is an interesting case of a taxi driver Devesh Mishra using social media. Devesh is from Banaras and he utilizes the power of you tube to leverage his business. While his fellow  taxi drivers stand in front of airports, railway stations to lure customers, Devesh uploaded his elevator pitch on Youtube for foreign and Indian users to see. So when customers, who usually are internet savvy geeks, land up they first look for Devesh or sometimes they already would have pre booked with him.  This helps Devesh to manage his time schedule appropriately and ensure that business is met everyday.

There is yet another interesting story coming from our very own ‘Namma Chennai’. Samson is an auto driver who owns his own personal website. You can find him outside Taj Coromandel Hotel. His website is Samson again makes his elevator pitch talking about the places where he can show, his safety measures, testimonials etc. He also provides additional details such as exciting shopping places in the city, places to eat and drink. He also engages the users by posting exciting photos of customers and friends online. Now what is your excuse for shunning social media??

Events, General, Social Media | Friday, October 22nd, 2010 | Comment | By
Kiruba talks about Coca Cola case study at Ad Club

After telling us how giving away our information can benefit us, Kiruba now talks about use of social media by Coca Cola has been one of the perfect examples of ‘how to’ in the social media landscape. Coca Cola was faced with the concern to promote the brand as the household name, engage users and win loyal followers. It worked on the strategy of fans first and created simple content that interested people in the core values of coca cola. It started a campaign requesting users to post innovative photos of the places where they had the coke. They received wacky photos such as a picture of coke at Mexico’s third highest mountain top, 5230 m above sea level. It also engaged users by asking questions such as ‘what time do you like to have coke’. These questions not only help the brand to understand consumer behavior at no extra cost of market research, but also help the customers feel involved with the brand.

It next launched Expedition 206, that takes selected coca cola ambassadors to 206 countries in a period of 365 days. The ambassador’s mission is to find happiness in these countries. Next it launched a lab to involve users to create a flavor for its upcoming energy drink. The virtual lab enabled users to concoct different flavors according to their tastes. Global voting and ranking helped in selecting the favorite taste. Coca Cola then created the flavor to be stocked across the world. The label design of the bottle was also crowdsourced according to user’s tastes. This helped the users to be involved in the creation of their favorite drink right from the initial stages. Coca Cola constantly monitored and updated their social pages by engaging and involving their users and updating them with relevant information. The results are stunning. 500,000+ “likes”, 90,000+ comments, 5000 mentions a day, 174%increase in fans, 73,391 interactions of fans with each other and with brand.

There are a lot of lessons other brands can learn from Coca Cola. The main ones being: optimizing functionality, creating new ones if necessary, insure clear principles. Other lessons are keep it simple and intuitive, viral should not be the main strategy, and the importance of moderating.

Events, Social Media | Friday, October 22nd, 2010 | Comment | By
Kiruba on TED at the AdClub
Kiruba begins his talk distributing smiley that could be thrown at hiim people find him boring, puting out some chocolates that will be gifted to active participants and a water sprinkler meant to wake up people dozing off ;)
He begins by speaking about TED – a global movement with a humble beginning as a small conference in 1984.
TED is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out as conference that brought together people from three fields : Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED). In the first few years, TED lost a lot of money and struggled to see the light of day. In 2006, they introduced the concept of TEDTalks and gave away video podcasts of the talks at TED to a global online audience – free of cost. Once these talks went online, TED became a movement carried forward by people who saw and shared these talks. Today TED talks have received more than 300 million views.
That gives us a lesson for life – If you give out information, you gain much more than you imagine. :)

Events, Social Media | Friday, October 22nd, 2010 | Comment | By
Become official blogger for TFNTEN

Here’s a chance for you to become Official Blogger for one of the reputed Cycling Events.

Tour of Nilgiris is all set to take off on Dec 16 2010 and they’re looking for an official blogger and photographer.

If you’d like get selected as Official Blogger or Official Photographer for Tour of Nilgiris 2010, do read this post for instructions and submit your interest before 24th October.

BusinessBlogging team wishes TFNTEN a great success.


Events, Social Media | Friday, October 22nd, 2010 | Comment | By
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