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Kiruba Shankar on NDTV about Unconferences

Watch Kiruba Shankar on NDTV talking about Unconferences….

Media, News, Social Media | Saturday, December 11th, 2010 | Comment | By
M&M’s Social interactive game

M&M is organizing a social media game in Canada. By using Google maps, Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare consumers need to trace ‘Red’.

The intro video is pretty cool and activates consumers to start their M&M hunt in the city of Toronto. Tips are posted on Facebook and Twitter to guide the gamers through the streets. Each day (until 4/12) there are three chances to find ‘Red’.

By following the game on Foursquare, players gain further clues as the Red M&M checks in to locations. Extra tips are unlocked each time the player covers 30km via Street View. Back on Toronto terra firma, hints are being left via QR codes on posters or barcodes on packs of the sweetMore tips can be found in the Toronto streets. There are hidden tips on posters and M&M packages, consumers can scan them via the stickybits app.

Once they have found Red, players are encouraged to keep quiet about their find and log the details by clicking a button – each success giving them extra entries into a sweepstake to win a red Smart car. Fifteen runners up will receive an iPod, cinema tickets and free M&Ms.

A very nice way to keep your customers engaged and motivated, isnt it?

Case studies, News, Social Media | Monday, December 6th, 2010 | Comment | By
Microsoft prefers online rather than traditional print media for advertising

To advertise their latest gaming hardware Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft refers to do it online rather than traditional print media. It is well known that in the field of advertising, the brand needs to be where its customers are. Microsoft has realized this  early on. Most of the Xbox360 customers have online presence much better than at any other place. So Microsoft decided to tap into its social network to advertise the product and attract its target segment.

Jaspreet Bindra, Regional Director for Entertainment and Devices, Microsoft India elaborated that “The people who we are trying to reach, the people who will buy the Kinect from us, are all online, highly connected with the Internet. We are promoting the device through our social networks, and maintain a thriving online community, but unlike the launch of the Xbox in 2005, when we ran a sustained television campaign, today we feel that the community is already aware of the Xbox, is already enthusiastic, and we feel that we can reach them better without advertising.”

Media, News, Social Media | Monday, December 6th, 2010 | Comment | By
Brindavan Apartments by Marg properties in Sriperambadur

MARG in its latest development and transformation, it conceptualized yet another vibrant move towards the industrial hub of Sriperumbudur and Oragadam. The new property launch named Brindavan is an apartment ideation of MARG ProperTies,  for property aspirant it is a dream wish. In the years to come it would be a celebrated beauty spot in the industrial hub of Sriperumbudur. Brindavan can be easily accessed, 4 kilometer from Sriperumbudur and 8 kms from Oragadam.

MARG Brindavan offers a value addition for money, the offer holds a special introductory price of Rs. 1999/- per sq. ft and for a flat of 611sqft (2BHK), customers can now look forward to a monthly EMI as low as Rs. 10,000/-. It is spread over 16.5 acres, Brindavan will feature 14 blocks with 14 levels of 12 apartment units in each floor, thereby making it a total of 2,184 units. All the units in this project will be 100% vaastu compliant.

MARG Group’s key person for ‘Real Estate and Industrial Clusters’,  Mr. Oscar Braganza, Executive Director, speaking on the pre-launch event said, “Oragadam along with Sriperumbudur have seen major investments from leading MNCs in recent times and the opportunities here are immense. The area is conceived to be one of the largest automobile hubs in the world.

In the below space a topography industry cluster is available for your visual, which will give a precise glimpse and future vision of the property trends.

More details on Marg Blog

Events, News | Friday, December 3rd, 2010 | Comment | By
Kiruba’s talk at IIMB-Club Mahindra case study

Here’s a recording of Kiruba Shankar’s talk at IIMB, referring to Club Mahindra case study on Shrinidhi Hande’s blog post on Club Mahindra

News, Social Media, Teaching | Friday, December 3rd, 2010 | Comment | By
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