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Domino’s India blogizza Blog now live

The official blog of Domino’s India, country’s leading Pizza brand, is now live.

Do visit for interesting stories and articles related to Pizzas and more.

Did you know that Domino’s Blogizza is powered by BusinessBlogging?

News, Social Media | Thursday, September 30th, 2010 | Comment | By
Finally, a Talking Tree

Its the time of the century where not just humans but inanimate objects tend to use social media to explain their ‘feelings’. A 100 year old tree in Brussels was equipped with a range of equipment and measuring tools (dust meter, ozone meter, etc…) and lets us know every day how it’s doing. You can follow the daily musings on Facebook, Twitter and on the website. Watch the video below and you will be amazed! now dont be surprised if your post gets ‘like’ response from a tree or squirrel.

News, Social Media | Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 | Comment | By
Mickey Mouse on Social Networks

The new brand to embrace social media is the world of Mickey Mouse. No points for guessing, it is Disney Land right away. Disney has come up with a clever way of involving its customers. The campaign is called “let the memories begin” and asks families to submit their memories of Disneyland on Youtube, Facebook, MySpace and a dedicated website.  Disney has created a collage of Ads featuring the photos and videos.

In addition, starting this January, Disney is launching its spectacular night concept. Disney Photopass Photographers will take pictures, which will then be projected in the night sky. Quite a spectacular way to end a visit to Disney’s magical kingdom if you ask me!

News, Social Media | Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 | Comment | By
Notes from FB Dev Garage 2nd Edition

Here’re a few key points from 2nd edition of Facebook developer Garage

* On being asked by a user “How does Php6 going to help developers?” David Recordon said “I know nothing much about php6″
* For the question: “Why can’t we add adsense kind of code into our facebook page and monetize it”, David Recordon said facebook is exploring multiple advertising/revenue sharing models and details should be out soon.
* For the question, when is facebook places coming to India, David said he has no idea…
* David said they planned to kill the term “Facebook Connect” and call it signin with facebook, but felt this is sounding like a bad idea as facebook Connect was a well established term.

read the complete post

Facebook, News, Social Media | Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 | Comment | By
American Express gets social

American express is the latest brand to join the social media bandwagon to connect with prospective customers. The famous credit card company has recruited money experts and clever writers to help in their launch of a new financial services community called Currency. The community is targeted at helping  recent university graduates manage their incomes better. It delves on obvious topics such as managing student loans, handling your taxes and arranging insurance. Sounds boring? To capture the interests of fun, loving young generation, Amex has introduced some fun content too. Fun posts talk about how to host a dinner party on a tight budget, or how to vet a roommate candidate on Craigslist. Which recent graduate wouldn’t want to know these fun stuff?

The community also has an in built game called Social Currency. It is an application available on Foursquare. It allows you to check in to stores and create wish lists with pictures and price tags.

Credit card companies are coming up with innovative social media strategies to involve their customers. It is time for Indian credit card companies to embrace this new media. What strategies do you think Indian companies can employ? We would love to hear your views.

News, Social Media | Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 | Comment | By
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