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My brief discussion with Debdeep Sengupta, VP,SAP

During the lunch time I had an opportunity to have a brief interaction with Mr Debdeep Sengupta, VP, SME and Chennels, SAP Indian Subcontinent…

From SAP Talkshow-SME legend 2010

A casual chat we had for a few mins is presented as Q&A below for an easy comprehension:

Me: If I am an SME and if I have to decide between the two options: Going for SAP as SaaS (as facilitated by SAP’s partner Wipro technologies), paying a monthly rental, vs opting the traditional way of buying complete license, what will be the break even period beyond with the later will be sensible?

Debdeep: It could be anywhere between 2 to 5 years

Me: In your partnership with Wipro to offer SAP as SaaS, am I correct in understanding that Wipro will take care of both hosting and implementation?

Debdeep: That’s correct

Me: One of the primary concern for me, as a student or professional is that SAP courses are highly unaffordable. Any decent SAP module will cost a few lakhs at any SAP’s official training centers. What is being done to undo this and make SAP more accessible and affordable?

Debdeep: We have started offering SAP as eLearning course, wherein candidates can learn from home or at our eLearning centres. This saves the cost heavily and increases reach

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