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Leveraging LinkedIn- Part 1

In this part series, I will delve into the topics of using Linked In to position your company, create brand awareness, in short to enhance your business. This post addresses the concerns of employers to find their ‘made in heaven’ employee. I will also provide, where ever necessary, links to help you leverage Linked In better.

Linked In is different from its counter parts such as Facebook, Twitter and the not so appealing anymore Orkut is that it is a professional networking platform aimed at building your business connections. No more can you paste those beach party pics. Its restrictive and formalĀ  approach has not prodded many of us to actively explore its features and make it work for us. In reality, LinkedIn helps you grow much better than any other social networking groups where all that we do is paste our pretty pics and scream- why is world stuck like this!!

Are you the cool employer looking out for the perfect candidate to fill up a job position in your company? Are your HR teams sitting over piles of resumes and still not able to key in the right candidate?

LinkedIn profiles look exactly like resumes highlighting details of work experience, testimonials from previous employers, educational details, awards, activities etc. I prefer it to paper resumes because the profile also provides a space to add his/her photograph. Did you ever encounter a paper based resume having a photo? Also LinkedIn profiles serve as one stop shop for your search about a particular candidate. In one single screen you can see what his previous employer is telling about him, trace his connections, read his discussions and get to know what kind of person he really is. Isnt that cool? How many of us project our true self in interviews? Here is how a company can find the perfect candidate:

1. Search all LinkedIn people profiles using specific key words

2. Look into the candidate’s education and work experience. See if they fit the job profile that your company is looking out for.

3. See their network connections. Maybe you have a connecting link. You can obtain more genuine information about the candidate from your mutual contact. If you dont have a mutual contact, no worries. Just look ahead and see what his colleagues or employers are telling about him in the testimonial section.

4. Read through the discussions that the candidate has engaged in. Check if he is a team player in discussions or how insightful his posts are or how does he engage the others in the discussion. Discussion boards are the right place to understand the persona of a person in the society

5. If you find the candidate an appropriate fit for your job profile, contact him.

Remember you could do all this from the comfort of your room online. Just a caveat here. You need to pay a small membership fee to access full profiles. You did not think everything in the world comes free. Did you??

In my next post, I will talk about how LinkedIn can be used for Job Hunters. Stay Tuned!

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