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Kiruba featured in The Hindu Metroplus Weekend

Kiruba Shankar, our beloved CEO has been featured on the front page of The Hindu, Metroplus Weekend.  Thearticle talks about his journey as an entrepreneur after leaving the IT and Dotcom industry 5 years ago. In a candid talk with Prince Frederick, Kiruba explains how minor quivers in the IT industry ignited him to pursue his passion and set on the tough path of entrepreneurship. He tells ” There are a number of things you are passionate about but cant do, because you are contractually bound”.

Independence and greater flexibility in planning his time made up for the pressures and anxieties that went with entrepreneurship. With the advent of being his own boss, Kiruba could finally dive into activities that challenged fossilised ideas such as bringing an unconference format to chennai in the form of Bar Camps, helping spread the power of sharing ideas by bringing TEDx to Chennai, holding Wiki camps, writing books (he has authored 4 books and his fifth book is on the way), founding a website development company (F5ive Technologies) and being a CEO of social media consultancy company (Business Blogging).

With the passion he possesses and the fire in his eyes, I am sure Kiruba will soar high and achieve his dreams!

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