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Facebook App Centre now In India

Noticed a colorful icon on the left side of your Facebook home page named ‘App Center’? It is the new feature from Facebook for users in India and 6 more countries. It was first rolled out in the US after a month from its announcement in May.

Users of Facebook can now find apps more easily thanks to the ‘App Center’ from Facebook. For the 900+ million Facebook users the ‘App Center’ will serve as a portal similar to that of Android Market (Now, Google Play) where one can find the app of their choice. The company has made the move to launch the App Center in India after its claim that the App Center had driven millions of app installations ever since it got introduced last month in the US.

The apps have ratings and detailed descriptions that help the people to choose wisely. The quality of an app is determined by various factors including user ratings and engagement. The developers on the other hand will get insights for their apps over time.

The app center currently lists apps on along with web, iOS and Android apps that use Facebook login mechanism. The quality guidelines for the apps have been clearly defined and hence top rated apps will feature prominently and those which don’t follow guidelines will not be listed.

Critics doubt the success of App Center in India. It is well-known that many Facebook users back here in India access their Facebook accounts to keep in touch as well as to play games online. But, it remains to be seen whether they will use an app store.

However, looking at it from a broader perspective, the introduction of the App Centre paves way for various opportunities for the developers and options for the users.

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