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Caps Lock – a boon or a bane

The Caps Lock key on our keyboard has managed to earn the ire of a few while it serves as an emphatic key for some others to express their emotions in a heightened state. June 28 – a day more than just any ‘geek’ day, it serves to be the International Caps Lock Day. It is common sight to observe many enthusiast of the Caps Lock to shout out their views and opinions on social media in SHOUTING TEXT.

Caps Lock serves as not just a tool to highlight a certain context of one’s opinion, but also to highlight the importance of the ‘Key’. The founder behind the ICLD, Derek Arnold, came up with the initiative in 2000 to highlight the importance of shouting text on the Internet and to promote its incisive utilization.

Kiruba Shankar, a passionate blogger and founder of Business Blogging from Chennai too has a say on this issue. Offering his views on the significance of using the Caps Lock key, Kiruba says, “Shouting text helps emphasize aspects of an issue. It can come in handy during online debates. However, it will be an effective tool as long as it is used in moderation. When someone types in caps all the time, people can’t figure when and what he is emphatic about.”

On the importance of the ICLD he goes on to state that, “Observing ICLD is a brilliant idea. It is a way to convey the importance of the caps lock key to the younger generation which is sold on the lower case.”

However, it must be brought to one’s attention that not everybody shares the same enthusiasm when it comes to expressing views on the application of the Caps Lock key. Many consider it a botheration that needs to be done away with. There have been instances in the past where many have come out in open to denounce the implementation of the key. But, it must be noted that everything put into action earnestly and wisely will earn a good reputation.

We must learn to take the positives and WORK HARD TO RECTIFY THE NEGATIVES. That’s how life is and that is we must tread the path.

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