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Facebook rolls out wedding announcement feature

There’s no stopping Facebook when it comes to establishing an emotional-connect with people. Facebook has come out one step ahead to make sure you don’t miss out on celebrating important occasions such as your friends’ weddings or engagements.

A special events feature showcasing important and significant information pertaining to your friends’ lives will be rolled out to all Facebook users on Thursday. The feature highlights events starting with weddings and engagements alongside where you normally view information about friends’ birthdays.

“Facebook has become a unique way people share and congratulate friends around exciting life events such as engagements and weddings or the arrival of a child,” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying very recently. Facebook has come out with an announcement relating to rolling the feature out saying, “to make it easier to keep up with these momentous occasions and to ensure you can share in your friends’ joy.”

The feature will display new wedding and engagement announcements. Once the couple has made an announcement that they are engaged or are going to get married, a notification will appear for two days even if you don’t engage with them.

The feature is quite similar to the notification of birthdays on Facebook. Clicking on the notification will allow you to post your compliments on your friend or friends’ walls as well as allowing you to see your friendship with that person over time. Also, you will see an “Add Friend” button for the other person if you’re friends with only the groom/bride.

However, new events will not be added to the new calendar view that Facebook rolled out earlier this week.

Share with us your opinions about the new feature. Would you like to get these announcements on your Facebook home page?

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Facebook, Social Media | Monday, July 16th, 2012 | Comment | By
Pinterest Reach Unparalleled – Learn How

Social media marketing is a tool opted for more than a single purpose these days. The reach and reaction of social media marketing is so vast that it cannot just be restricted to a specific zone. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing social media is that its reach and impact can be tracked.

Social media gives an individual a complete control over his activities as compared to using direct mailings or print magazine advertisements. This way, the individual will able to assess his potential customers. The core reason why social media has been such a revelation is the fact that instantaneous responses and critical analyzation can be made paving the way for any further suitable alterations to your pre-decided task on the go.

One such social networking site that has made ‘heels turn around’ is Pinterest. It has managed to establish a presence on the social media platform in a relatively short span of time. This can mainly be attributed to its successful measurement plan.

Many in the social media industry are still in awe over the phenomenal rise of Pinterest in such a short time. Based on opinions from industry sources, the success for the site can be attributed to 7 major reasons:

1. Pin, Repin and Repeat

The ‘Pin and Repin’ option enables an individual to show off their work in an orderly and presentable manner. The individual can pin photos pertaining to his/her vision. Based on the number of followers and repins, success of the person’s effort can be tracked and measured.

2. Tracking of Pinterest Analytics

Another major reason for the success of Pinterest is that it doesn’t give too much work to handle. You need not worry about too many features to work on as besides your typical following, pinning, comments, etc. however, once an innovation tastes success, it always has updates following it. Similarly, a few third-party got associated with Pinterest. PinReach is one such feature – it allows you to measure trending pins with percentages and assigns scores to accounts. Another update that lets you to mass-follow, unfollow, schedule pins, and view stats is Pinerly.

3. Google Analytics – The Best

Pinterest’s success was and is successfully being monitored through Google Analytics. It helps keep track of the steady and fixed flow of visitors and conversions.

4. Much to Look Ahead in the Future

Though relatively new in the social media, Pinterest has fast catered to its users’ satisfactions and its future looks quite bright. This only spells good news for people who are planning on starting up something new using social media as a supportive tool to bolster their initiative.

5. Fans Pinning?

Fan engagement in Pinterest is generally done by number of repins, likes and, most importantly, original Pins! Simple logic to be understood here is that people will appreciate and share anything that is easy and creative. Fans choose to vote on new designs through Pinterest.

However, it is found to be that when fans create content themselves by merging a photo with a product, it gains an upper value.

6. Choosing the Right Tools

Opting for the right tools will allow your product to reach the masses faster. Pinterest allows its users to do just that. Content can be promoted and boards can be created around subjects for readers such as for example- ‘Favorite Designs’. This type of subject may not be extensively covered on the site, but the right tools shall allow you to fulfill your purpose.

7. Traffic and Brand-building

A major reason why Pinterest has managed to drive in huge traffic to their site is because they cater to the tastes of their target audience. In Pinterest’s case, the target audience here is the women. By speaking on the products pertaining to their interests, considerable traffic has developed resulting in enormous brand-building.

What is your take on Pinterest’s success?

Pinterest, Social Media | Monday, July 16th, 2012 | Comment | By
Twitter Rolls Out New Search Engine Features

Twitter, the micro-blogging site has come up with a few changes in its ‘search’ this past week. This move comes as a welcome change for users as it enables them in finding other users, hashtags and mentions in a relatively easier manner.

Search upgrade:

Dubbed as Twitter’s “simpler search”, this feature allows users to ascertain more news in real time. Previously they had to come across situations such as entering the wrong name or misplacing a letter and consequently missing out on results. But the new upgrade takes these into account and makes the search more effective.

Spell Check:

Twitter has also taken the move to bring in a ‘spell-check’ into effect as many users have come out in the open by saying they at times misspell terms. Twitter will now enable a user with results for what you may have meant, on similar lines with google search. The updation of these new features has improved the Twitter search experience to an enormous extent.


Also in the works has been the auto-completion for users which is all set to be rolled out over the next few weeks. This was made official by Twitter’s product team over a tweet.

All the user must do is type in a search term — for example, “India” or “SachinTendulkar”— to find appropriate topics or handles in record time.

Relevant Suggestions:

Twitter also picks up significant and important suggestions from conversations people are having on the platform and gets it into the user’s mainstream.

Twitter also made updates to its iPhone and Android apps on Tuesday to include auto-complete. A few other mobile updates include compatibility with video tweets and expanded tweets from the site’s media partners, which comprises of Mashable, MLB and C-SPAN.

With these new updates and features, we can dare say that the Twitter Bird is looking smarter with the new hair cut!

Social Media, Twitter | Friday, July 13th, 2012 | Comment | By
Facebook App Centre now In India

Noticed a colorful icon on the left side of your Facebook home page named ‘App Center’? It is the new feature from Facebook for users in India and 6 more countries. It was first rolled out in the US after a month from its announcement in May.

Users of Facebook can now find apps more easily thanks to the ‘App Center’ from Facebook. For the 900+ million Facebook users the ‘App Center’ will serve as a portal similar to that of Android Market (Now, Google Play) where one can find the app of their choice. The company has made the move to launch the App Center in India after its claim that the App Center had driven millions of app installations ever since it got introduced last month in the US.

The apps have ratings and detailed descriptions that help the people to choose wisely. The quality of an app is determined by various factors including user ratings and engagement. The developers on the other hand will get insights for their apps over time.

The app center currently lists apps on along with web, iOS and Android apps that use Facebook login mechanism. The quality guidelines for the apps have been clearly defined and hence top rated apps will feature prominently and those which don’t follow guidelines will not be listed.

Critics doubt the success of App Center in India. It is well-known that many Facebook users back here in India access their Facebook accounts to keep in touch as well as to play games online. But, it remains to be seen whether they will use an app store.

However, looking at it from a broader perspective, the introduction of the App Centre paves way for various opportunities for the developers and options for the users.

Facebook, Social Media | Friday, July 13th, 2012 | Comment | By
Caps Lock – a boon or a bane

The Caps Lock key on our keyboard has managed to earn the ire of a few while it serves as an emphatic key for some others to express their emotions in a heightened state. June 28 – a day more than just any ‘geek’ day, it serves to be the International Caps Lock Day. It is common sight to observe many enthusiast of the Caps Lock to shout out their views and opinions on social media in SHOUTING TEXT.

Caps Lock serves as not just a tool to highlight a certain context of one’s opinion, but also to highlight the importance of the ‘Key’. The founder behind the ICLD, Derek Arnold, came up with the initiative in 2000 to highlight the importance of shouting text on the Internet and to promote its incisive utilization.

Kiruba Shankar, a passionate blogger and founder of Business Blogging from Chennai too has a say on this issue. Offering his views on the significance of using the Caps Lock key, Kiruba says, “Shouting text helps emphasize aspects of an issue. It can come in handy during online debates. However, it will be an effective tool as long as it is used in moderation. When someone types in caps all the time, people can’t figure when and what he is emphatic about.”

On the importance of the ICLD he goes on to state that, “Observing ICLD is a brilliant idea. It is a way to convey the importance of the caps lock key to the younger generation which is sold on the lower case.”

However, it must be brought to one’s attention that not everybody shares the same enthusiasm when it comes to expressing views on the application of the Caps Lock key. Many consider it a botheration that needs to be done away with. There have been instances in the past where many have come out in open to denounce the implementation of the key. But, it must be noted that everything put into action earnestly and wisely will earn a good reputation.

We must learn to take the positives and WORK HARD TO RECTIFY THE NEGATIVES. That’s how life is and that is we must tread the path.

Media | Thursday, June 28th, 2012 | Comment | By
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